Dr Charles Tannock

Member of the European Parliament for London

Electoral fraud in Russia and Congo

Delivered in Plenary - 1st December 2011

Mr President

I wish to express my concern about two important elections which took place this week.

In the Democratic Republic of Congo, there have been serious concerns about the activities of the CENI, the electoral commission, with accusations of widespread fraud in favour of the incumbent, President Joseph Kabila, and a lot of serious violence has broken out. International observers on the ground are demanding more transparency and the publication of the results at local level, and the High Representative must insist on this if the EU is to unequivocally recognise the results.

Similarly in Russia – parliamentary elections – there have been widespread protests at the allegations of massive fraud, again carried out in favour of Putin’s United Russia party. The scale is so large that there are grounds to believe, a bit like in Ukraine in 2005, that the outcome of the election would have been completely different. So there is also reason to demand now a re-run of these parliamentary elections in Russia, otherwise the presidential election next year will be a total farce.
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