Dr Charles Tannock

Member of the European Parliament for London

European Arrest Warrant

Delivered in Plenary - 8th June 2011

Mr President

I too personally believe this whole debate needs a dose of common sense now.

I still believe that some sort of European Arrest Warrant is a necessary tool to fight crime and terrorism across the Union, particularly given the huge free movement of people now moving between Member States, including sadly criminals. I also believe that the number of errors or miscarriages is relatively small but still too many. We must now not throw the baby out with the bathwater, which is what some of the colleagues in this House would like.

We need to seriously review the workings of the Arrest Warrant to include only a limited list of serious crimes always satisfying the condition of double criminality as being the only ones justiciable under the European Arrest Warrant. We must also respect fundamental human rights and include safeguards like habeas corpus .

The large majority of UK-surrendered individuals were actually, as it turned out, migrants from other States of the European Union charged with crimes normally major crimes, not petty crimes. It is ironic that UKIP, which was opposed to their right to come to the UK in the first place, is now trying to make it extremely difficult and expensive for the British taxpayer to send them back to their countries to face justice.
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