Dr Charles Tannock

Member of the European Parliament for London

We must extend our sympathy to Israel

Delivered in Plenary - 18th June 2007

Mr President

Last week showed Hamas up for what it really is: a fanatic, banned terrorist group, as evidenced by its appalling behaviour after the military coup in so-called ‘Hamastan’ – their new name for the Sharia-based Islamist regime in Gaza – in which Fatah officials had their throats brutally cut in front of their families.

We must now extend our sympathy to Israel, which is likely to receive a new barrage of Qassam rockets and fresh suicide bombers. Iran is rejoicing too that its proxies – Hezbollah to the north and Hamas in the south – now encircle Israel.

The EU must now immediately restore full funding to the Palestinian Authority Government under secular President Abbas and moderate new Prime Minister Fayyad, and isolate the illegal Islamist Haniya regime in Gaza.
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