Dr Charles Tannock

Member of the European Parliament for London

Labour split over crude campaign to win back Muslim voters

25th January 2007

Two Labour MEPs are not backing Labour's support for pro-Pakistan line on Kashmir

Brussels, 25 January 2007 -- In the European Parliament Foreign Affairs Committee debate on the 25th January over the Lib Dem sponsored Baroness Nicholson report on the future of Kashmir, which has caused huge outrage amongst pro-Pakistan Kashmiris, Labour split embarrassingly despite criticising other parties for bias and being split.

Identifying Labour's risible attempt to score a domestic political point, Charles Tannock MEP, Conservative Foreign Affairs Spokesman, said:

"Labour are understandably eager to recapture the Muslim community vote recently largely lost to Lib Dems over the Iraq War. But the claim that Labour is united in a large series of amendments presented by UK Labour MEPs to change the unbalanced nature in their view of this key report is patent nonsense as Labour MEPs Neena Gill (Chairman of the South Asia delegation) and Claude Moraes (Labour MEP, London) have clearly not signed Labour's pro-Pakistan amendments. This is particularly embarrassing to Labour as both these MEPs know more about South Asia than any of the others!

"This issue is sadly becoming deeply divisive and regrettably increasingly cuts across all parties in the UK."
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