Dr Charles Tannock

Member of the European Parliament for London

Labour MEP snubs Blair by condemning the UK's position on extraordinary rendition

23rd January 2007

Brussels, 23 January 2007 -- Labour MEP, Claude Moraes, voted to condemn his own country and party leader, by supporting the controversial European Parliament investigation into CIA extraordinary rendition, the final report of which was published today.

Timothy Kirkhope MEP, Leader of the Conservatives in the European Parliament said:

"Labour has jumped on the anti-American bandwagon today in a direct and foolish snub to the UK.

"The report states that illegal transport or detention might have taken place in a long list of cases, but there is precious little irrefutable proof of wrongdoing by Member States. However, the wording of the report strongly implies that countries in Europe have been massively involved in extraordinary rendition activities and illegal detention. That is not a correct interpretation of facts."

Charles Tannock MEP, Conservative Foreign Affairs spokesman added:

"Of course, EU member states must abide by international conventions and principles governing human rights. However, it is not sensible to make sweeping judgements on the alleged conduct of sovereign nations without a fully comprehensive, due diligence investigation.

"The USA has neither a systematic rendition or torture policy. Whilst mistakes have been made, the USA and her allies recognise the serious terrorist threat from the Middle East and are ready to do whatever is reasonably necessary to contain and eliminate the threat.

"This report does not provide new evidence and does not substantiate allegations."

The report will go to a final full vote at the Strasbourg plenary starting on February 12th.
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