Dr Charles Tannock

Member of the European Parliament for London

European community familiarises with Aral Sea disaster

UzReport.com - 29 April 2005

Aral crisis was presented to the representatives of the European parliament and society in Brussels (Belgium) to attract their attention to the problem.

Jahon news agency reported the Uzbek Embassy in Belgium and delegation of Europarliament on relations with Central Asia organized presentation “Aral crisis – modern global tragedy”.

Charles Tannock, MEP from the United Kingdom, said that the Aral Sea, once the fourth biggest inland sea in the world, became well-known large ecologic catastrophe of modernity. He said that despite European Union is donor of Aral Sea stabilisation programme, international community should contribute more to solve Aral problem.

Ona Jukneviciene, MEP from Lithuania and head of delegation on relations with Central Asia, said that Aral Sea problem needs coordinated international efforts and revival of Aral requires increase of financing and technical support of the European Union and other international donors.

Farrida Abdurahimov, Senator of Oliy Majlis and deputy governor of Tashkent city, visiting Belgium, informed the participants activity of new two-chamber parliament of Uzbekistan on ecologic problems and called European colleagues to cooperation.

Vladimir Norov, Uzbek envoy to Belgium, spoke about the practical efforts and projects carried out by the Uzbek government to mitigate consequences of Aral crisis.

Film on ecologic and social consequences of Aral Sea disaster was demonstrated to the guests.
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