Dr Charles Tannock

Member of the European Parliament for London

UK MEPs-Condemnation

United News of Bangladesh Limited - 13 May 2004

Dhaka, May 13 (UNB)

The UK conservative MEPs (members of European Parliament) Nirj Deva (Spokesman on Overseas Development), Charles Tannock (Spokesman on Foreign Affairs) and Geoffrey Van Orden (Spokesman on Defence and Human Rights) have condemned the murder of Awami League MP Ahsan Ullah Master.

"The murder of Mr Master is just the latest incident in a series of violent acts and human rights abuses recently reported from Bangladesh," they said in a statement made available here by the Brussels-based European Parliament.

They mentioned that other incidents include "arbitrary mass arrests and detention of government opponents, torture and deaths in custody, excessive use of force leading at times to extra-judicial executions, attacks against members of minority groups and acts of violence against women."

UK Conservative MEPS Deva, Tannock and Van Orden have called upon the Bangladesh government to urgently address the factors, which contribute to human rights violations such as impunity and corrupt practices in law enforcement and to establish an independent and impartial national human rights commission.
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