Dr Charles Tannock

Member of the European Parliament for London

London goes Greek with first Euro MEP

London Daily News - 8 June 2009

London has its first ever Greek MEP, the Conservative MEP Marina Yannakoudakis a serving local councilor for Barnet, immediately attracting the plaudits of leading Conservatives.

Theresa Villiers the shadow transport secretary said, “Marina is going to be an excellent representative for my constituents in Chipping Barnet and for the whole of her Greater London constituency. She has shown her ability and dedication in her continuing work for her ward residents in Oakleigh Park and I am sure that success will carry on in her new role.”

“I very much look forward to working with Marina and other MEPs elected yesterday, such as Charles Tannock, in supporting Cyprus and in taking up the concerns of all my constituents on European matters. I am sure that Marina and all her Conservative MEP colleagues will build an excellent working relationship with Cyprus’ MEPs from all political parties. Marina enjoyed support from across the Cyprus political spectrum in these elections and I am sure that support will continue in her role as our MEP.”

It is estimated from figures seen by the London Daily News that around 100,000 Greeks in the capital voted for the Conservative party equating to 20 per cent of the Conservative vote in London. 479,037 votes went to the Conservatives in one of the lowest turnouts for a European election recording a 33 per cent turnout. Many leaders in the Greek community mobilised votes for the Conservatives one of those figures is former Mayor of Barnet councilor Andreas Tambourides who said:

"This is a historic day for the Conservative party, and for many Greeks in London. We have all worked hard to see Marina Yannakoudakis elected and we all hope to see her do extremely well in Brussels".
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