Dr Charles Tannock

Member of the European Parliament for London

Polemic about inspections of how EU aid is used

Agence Europe - 29 November 2002

On Tuesday, Commissioner Chris Patten was rounded on by members of the Parliamentary Foreign Affairs Committee, who asserted that the EUR 10 million that the Commission gives to the Palestinian Authority each month could be used to support terrorism.

Liberal Democrat, Emma Nicholson, advised against the continued initiative of some MEPs seeking an enquiry into the subject, whereas British Conservative, Charles Tannock indicated that Thomas Dawson from the International Monetary Funds had asserted that the Fund did not even check on the Palestinian Authority's spending. Another British Conservative, David Sumberg (one of the signatories to a request for the setting up of a committee of enquiry), exclaimed that if Parliament didn't have the right to question the Commission, "it might as well shut up shop".

Chris Patten asked whether MEPs wanted to prevent the Commission from assisting the Palestinian Authority and as the debate became more heated he declared that if this was the case they only had to say and their request would be respected (as a branch of the Palestinian Authority: Editor's note).

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