Dr Charles Tannock

Member of the European Parliament for London

Charles is campaigning for the UK to remain a member of the EU on 23rd June

Londoners benefit from EU membership in 15 tangible ways:

  1. The opportunity to move freely across, live and work in 28 European countries
  2. The exchange of information and intelligence with EU law enforcement agencies to keep Londoners safe from cross-border terrorism and crime
  3. Considerable consumer protection including the abolition of 'roaming' charges levied by mobile phone operators for voice calls and altogether by including data from 2017
  4. Access to another EU country for specialist medical treatment not readily available at home and be reimbursed the cost back home
  5. Membership of the European Health Insurance Card, entitling you to reduced-cost or free medical treatment in another EU county
  6. Faster licensing of new drugs through the London based European Medicines Agency of huge benefit to the UK Pharmaceutical industry and EU consumers
  7. Funding through Horizon2020 pan-European ground-breaking medical & scientific research of which London's Universities have disproportionately benefited
  8. Compensation from airlines, train companies and inter-city coach operators if your journey is delayed or cancelled
  9. Cheaper flights abroad through deregulating the airline industry and dismantling expensive monopolies
  10. Allowing London's businesses to import and export goods without any restriction across the EU single market of 500 million people allowing cheaper goods in our shops and supermarkets
  11. Helping thousands of London students widen their horizons by studying in another European country thanks to the EU's Erasmus programme
  12. Requiring food manufacturers to put more complete and accurate information about nutritional content on labels
  13. Ensuring safety and transparency in food-chain supply lines across Europe
  14. Imposing tough environmental standards leading to cleaner air quality for our citizens and cleaner beaches when you holiday abroad
  15. Safeguarding animal welfare across Europe by making sure animals are transported humanely and reared in decent conditions

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